Special Regulations Make for a Special Father’s Day

Many of you probably have fond memories of the time you spent with your father in the great outdoors. Whether it was a week-long camping trip to a national park or a brief visit to a popular outdoor attraction, either way fishing was frequently part of the adventure. If that’s the case for you, then Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to revisit those experiences with your father.

For a truly memorable fishing excursion, you can’t do any better than a trip to the unspoiled waters within many of the nation’s national parks. The finest fishing locations in these parks are often known as special regulation areas, because of the additional requirements that must be met to fish them. Special reg areas don’t have a uniform or standard set of fishing regulations. Rather, they tend to change from location to location. To make sure you and your father meet the requirements for whichever location you decide to visit, use this handy state-by-state resource as a reference, to ensure that you are prepared for nearly any national park special reg area across the country. If for convenience you’d like to take dad to a location that’s not in a national park, there are still plenty of incredible special reg fishing locations to experience. This guide can help you plan a Father’s Day trip that’s not only exceptional, but also practical as well.

Special regulation areas cover every corner of the United States and many places in-between. And while the game fish involved can vary, the lures required always have one thing in common – a barbless treble or single hook. In the past you would have needed to alter your own lures to make them legal for special reg fishing. This usually meant filing the barbs or pinching them down with a pair of needle-nosed pliers or forceps, and anybody who has ever dealt with fish hooks knows it’s only a matter of time before you’re the one getting hooked. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to such trouble anymore. A range of barbless lures are readily available that will gain you access to special regulation areas without the hassle of modifying your own gear. Available with treble hooks or single hooks, these lures meet special reg requirements and will allow you and your dad to fish exactly where the fish are striking. When you combine these lures with the uncrowded, pristine waters of a special regulations area, you’ll have an experience worthy of your father.